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CSA generals, letter B

Wed May 02, 2007 9:39 pm

Braxton Bragg
- Born on March 22 1817, Warrenton, NC, age 44
- West Point class of 1837, fought with the 3rd US Artillery against the Seminole Indians in Florida
- During the Mexican War, his "prompt and fearless conduct" earned him a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel
- Briefly retired in 1856 to become a sugar planter in Louisiana
- Promoted to Major General of the militia on February 20 1861. Commanded the forces around New Orleans.

John Cabell Breckinridge
- Born January 15 1821, Lexington, KY, age 40
- Studied law at Transylvania University in Lexington and was admitted to the bar in 1840
- Major of the 3rd Kentucky Volunteers during the Mexican-American War
- Democrat Congressman in 1851,
- Elected Vice President of the United States in 1856, on the Democratic ticket with James Buchanan as President
- Unsuccessful candidate for President in 1860
- Was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1860 from Kentucky

Franklin Buchanan
- Born September 13 1800, Baltimore, MY, age 60
- Became a midshipman in 1815, was promoted to Lieutenant in 1825, Commander in 1841 and Captain in 1855
- Served as the first Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy during the Mexican-American War
- Commandant of the Washington Navy Yard since 1859.

Simon Bolivar Buckner
- Born April 1 1823, Hart County, KY, age 38
- West Point class of 1844
- Served as the 2nd U.S. Infantry regiment quartermaster during the Mexican-American War, his conduct earned him three field promotions
- Was assistant instructor of infantry tactics at West Point in 1848–50 then served on the frontier
- Resigned in 1855 and moved to Illinois to manage family properties in Chicago
- Moved to Kentucky in 1858, commander of Kentucky Sate Guard.

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letter E

Thu May 03, 2007 9:06 pm

Jubal Anderson Early
- Born November 3 1816, Franklin County, VA, age 44
- West Point class of 1837
- Fought against the Seminole in Florida as a second lieutenant in the 3rd U.S. Artillery regiment
- Resigned in 1838 to enter the bar
- Returned to active duty for the Mexican-American War
- Was a delegate in the Virginia General Assembly.

Richard Stoddert Ewell
- Born February 8 1817, Georgetown DC, age 44
- West Point class of 1840
- Distinguished himself during the Mexican-American War, his outstanding conduct earned him a field promotion
- Served in the New Mexico Territory, exploring the newly acquired Gadsden Purchase
- In command of Fort Buchanan, Arizona.

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other letters

Sun May 06, 2007 5:00 pm

William Clarke Quantrill:
- Born on July 31 1837, Canal Dover, Ohio, age 24
- Traveled to Utah with the Federal Army as a teamster in 1858
- Left the Army to try his hand at professional gambling
- Charges were brought against him for murder and horse theft
- Fled to Missouri and joined the State Guards.

John Singleton Mosby:
- Born on December 6 1833, Powhatan County, Virginia, age 27
- Entered the University of Virginia, taking up a Classical Studies curriculum
- Was charged with shooting another student and sentenced to a term of imprisonment
- Studied law in prison and became a lawyer after his release in 1854.

Nathaniel Bedford Forrest:
- Born on July 13 1821, Chapel Hill, Tennessee, age 39
- Earned one of the biggest fortune of the South as owner of plantations and as slave trader
- Elected as a Memphis' alderman in 1858

Earl Van Dorn:
- Born on September 18 1820 at Port Gibson, Mississippi, age 40
- West Point class of 1842
- Distinguished himself during the Mexican-American War with the 7th U.S. Infantry, his 'gallant and meritorious conduct' earned him two field promotions
- Commanded an expedition against Comanche Indians in 1858
- Career officer, served at various posts in Florida and Texas, Major of 2d Cavalry since 1860.

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Sun May 06, 2007 5:04 pm

Forrest said something about killing a Yankee for each of his horses that they shot. In the last days of the war, Forrest had killed 30 of the enemy and had 30 horses shot from under him. In a brief but savage conflict, a Yankee soldier "saw glory for himself" with an opportunity to kill the famous Confederate General... Forrest killed the fellow. Making 31 Yankees personally killed, and 30 horses lost...

He remarked, "I ended the war a horse ahead."

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some more letters

Wed May 09, 2007 7:55 pm

Benjamin Franklin Cheatham:
- Born on October 20 1820, Nashville, Tennessee, age 40
- Served as a captain in the lst Tennessee and as the Colonel of the 3rd Tennessee during the Mexican War
- Major general in the Tennessee State Militia, but left the state to take part as a goldminer in the 1849 California Gold Rush
- Returned to Tennessee in 1853
- Was one of the state's senior officers in 1861.

Wade Hampton:
- Born on March 28 1818, Charleston, South Carolina, age 43
- Graduated from South Carolina College in 1826 and studied law, but did not practiced
- Made a financial success of his family's plantations
- Was elected to the South Carolina General Assembly in 1852
- Senator in the State Senate from 1858 to 1861.

William Joseph Hardee:
- Born on October 12 1815, Camden County, Georgia, age 45
- West Point class of 1838
- Sent by the Army to France, to study military tactics
- Fought in the Seminole War and in the Mexican War, where he won two brevets
- Commandant of cadets at West Point, wrote a famous textbook on tactics§- Assigned as a Lieutenant Colonel in the 1st Cavalry.

Stephen Dill Lee:
- Born on September 22 1833, Charleston, South Carolina, age 27
- West Point class of 1854
- Career officer, served in artillery and staff positions, in the frontier and in the third Seminole War.
- A distant relative to Gen. Robert E. Lee

Edmund Kirby Smith:
- Born on May 16 1824, St Augustine, Florida, age 29
- West Point class of 1845
- Served with the 5th U.S. Infantry in the Mexican War, where he won two brevets
- Taught mathematics at West Point
- Promoted Major in 1855, transferred to the 2nd Cavalry
- On frontier duty in Texas.

Alexander Peter Stewart:
- Born on October 2 1821, Rogersville, Tennessee, age 39
- West Point class of 1842
- Se served in garrison duty and taught mathmatics at West Point
- Resigned his commission in 1845 to become an educator.

Richard Taylor:
- Born on January 27 1826 near Louisville, Kentucky, age 35
- Graduated from Yale in 1845
- During the Mexican-American War, served as the military secretary to his father
- Was elected in 1855 to the Louisiana Senate, in which he served until 1861
- Was the son of former President of the U.S. Zachary Taylor and brother-in-law of President Jefferson Davis.

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Tue May 15, 2007 2:21 pm

Ambrose Powell Hill:
- Born on November 9 1825, Culpeper, Virginia
- West Point Class of 1847
- Served in the 1st U.S. Artillery
- Veteran of the Mexican-American War and the Seminole Wars
- Worked on the U.S. Coast Survey from 1855-1860
- Unsuccessfully courted the future wife of U.S. General George McClellan
- Married Kitty Morgan McClung, becoming the brother-in-law of future Confederate cavalry commanders John Hunt Morgan and Basil W. Duke
- Suffered from frequent illnesses
- Known to his men as "Little Powell"

Daniel Harvey Hill:
- Born on July 12 1821, York district, South Carolina
- West Point Class of 1842
- Served in the 1st U.S. Artillery
- Twice brevetted for bravery during the Mexican-American War
- Resigned his commission in 1849 and became a professor of mathematics at Washington College in Lexington, VA
- In 1854 he joined the faculty of Davidson College in North Carolina
- Named superintendent of the North Carolina Military Institute of Charolotte in 1859
- Brother-in-law of Confederate General Thomas J. Jackson
- Deeply religious, but possessed a dry, sarcastic wit

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Tue May 15, 2007 2:54 pm

Lafayette McLaws:
- Born on January 15 1821, Augusta, Georgia
- West Point Class of 1842
- Served as an infantry officer in the Mexican American War
- Took part in the "Utah War" to suppress the Mormon uprising
- Married the niece of Zachary Taylor

Richard H. Anderson:
- Born on October 7 1821, "Hill Crest", near Stateburg, South Carolina
- West Point Class of 1842
- Served with the 1st U.S. Dragoons
- Brevetted for gallant conduct during the Mexican-American War
- Known for his kindness, gentleness, and humility

George Pickett:
- Born on January 16 1825, Richmond, Virginia
- West Point Class of 1846 (Graduated last in class)
- Served with the 8th and 9th U.S. Infantry
- Brevetted for gallant conduct during the Mexican-American War
- Gained national recognition as the first to climb the parapet during the Battle of Chapultepec
- In 1859, serving in the Washington Territory, he occupied San Juan Island
- Involved in a territorial dispute with Great Britain nicknamed the "Pig War", where he and his garrison of 68 men stoop up to a British force of 3 warships and a thousand men

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Sat May 19, 2007 1:45 pm

Got the info, thanks a lot.

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General Stonewall Jackson
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Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:46 am

You mention Nathan Bedford Forrest im about 28 miles from where he slaughtered the Union forces at FT. Pillow not once but twice

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