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[USA West] AAR

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:35 pm
by johnnycai
Early July:
Arrived in St. Louis and have issued initial orders for US regular army regiments in Indian territories and in the North West to make for Tucson.
Lyon remains in St. Louis and is expected to have his command ready for action in 2 weeks.
The initial plan will be to fortify Tucson, Bowling Green and Cairo while keeping Lyon in reserve to meet any reb advances. Rollo will also be assaulted this year but timing remains to be determined.

Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 4:05 am
by johnnycai
The moves in Mo. were unopposed which is not what I expected. His biggest force is around Bowling Green and it in itself is not a big prize so I have to expect its moving on.

Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 2:04 pm
by johnnycai
Moving McClernand to Chicago has added 7conscript/turn :nuts: companies to the Union war effort. Banks while inactive at Baltimore was regrettably forgotten by myself to begin recruiting but this turn his net contribution will be 6conscripts/turn. Not to bad for a locked unusable (for now) general. :sourcil: Burnside is being asked to help McD in the East. I would rather have him moving to Philly or New York but he is needed currently.
The US should always take advantage of its recruitment-aiding generals.

Posted: Mon May 26, 2008 3:20 pm
by johnnycai
Wallace was sent from Indianapolis to Grafton and was able to rail in and retake the town.
Johnstone has made his move against Louisville where the Union only has about 12K in troops(almost all militia) with some still locked for some turns. Porter/Hunter will be assigned to form a division and hold this crucial town.
Its pretty quiet in the far-West but our cav raiders have moved into Ark and the Indian territories and have run into Watie at Ft. Gibson :indien: . Could really use higher cohesion regulars at Louisville and leaders everywhere in the West.
Lyon spent all turn fixing up the rail link at Rollo and is now available for redeploy. Have asked the President for a review of the current objectives in light of the moves into Northern Kentucky. :sourcil:

Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 4:52 am
by johnnycai
Early Oct. 61
The President has ordered me to begin a general offensive across the West.

I believe the West forces are lacking regulars, leaders and supply units but will try to give the rebs what I got handy.

Far West,
At Ft. Gibson, my 4 regiments of cav have fair weather(except at Ft. Gibson), and have disuaded the rebs including Watie who has retreated.
The decision is to go for Ft. Smith thinking that the rebs might see Fayetteville is a more likely target.

West Kentucky,
Lyon is finally ready and has some naval assets to clear the stretch of river north of Paducah. A risky move considering, but lyon with a division of militia and a small command malus will board transports at St. Louis and head to Ft. Henry/Donelson. Foote, selected for promotion this turn, will lead 2 ironclads and a handful of gunboats to clear the path for Lyon. Lyon is estimated to arrive on day12. Wallace, from Louisville, is ordered to Evansville Ill to be Lyon's reserve.

Also, 4,000 men will march overland to Paducah from Cairo and attempt an assault with the hope of gaining that strategic town. Polk is to the south with a sizeable force so its very possible that one of these upcoming assaults will get pasted if they march to either region in anticipation. I am risking Cairo in a worry here.

Central Kentucky,
I send 3 regiments of cav from Evansville south via river and track to assault Clarksville.
If successful we can cut the rail and isolate Ft. Henry and W. Kentucky from the East Kentucky/Tennessee forces. The plan is to hopefully give our troops local superiority around Bowling Green or Ft. Henry/Donelson upcoming.
The rebs are entrenching and adding troops around Bowling Green.

Lexington Ky,
Grant, newly arrived at Louisville, heads with 3brigades to Lexington via river and will assault that strategic town. In defence, the rebs only have a militia unit garrisoned and a weakened cav unit in the region. A great chance to achieve a victory which will lead to his promotion. A BIG, BIG goal of mine for the next few turns.

Porter will leave Louisville and fix the rail on the road to Bowling Green. This should allow Grant to speedily redeploy if all goes to plan.

I will send a brigade (3000men) toward Marion and hope to gain that town or at the least cut the rail and aid in our general disruption plan in conjuction with the upcoming general offensive.

Sumner is inactive, so 3 regiments of troops are going to try to take Dallas. The supply situation is dire. Will need to address this soon.

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 4:00 am
by johnnycai
Late Oct '61
Looks like the rebs are being cautious and setting up for counter-attacks possibly.

West Kentucky:
Paducah and Clarksville are taken on days 8 and 10 respectively. At Clarksville, my 3000 cav force a lone regiment of regulars to retreat after suffering 400 in casualties. Foote (newly promoted) has cleared the Great Confluent when the rebs gunboat/transport fleet retreats. What is interesting is that the reb fleet is no longer spotted after retreating...hmmm?
Lyon, however and perhaps due to the fort, has decided to disembark at Paducah. Lyon is active and will now assault Columbus and face-off Polk at Humboldt.
The cav at Clarksville will split and head for Pulaski and Carthage while ripping-up the rail. The reb supply situation doesnt look too good near Bowling Green I notice, althought the reb formations dont appear to be suffering.

East Kentucky:
Ahh, Grant has taken 16, 000 men and taken Lexington. I know, it was overkill but the important thing was the victory and the commendation....Grant is now seniority 3. Grant will now embark on rivercraft and join Wallace in Muhlenburg, north-west of Bowling Greene.

The West:
The 4 cav regiments from Ft. Gibson have stormed Ft. Smith and in a 2-day battle have destroyed a conscript regiment of infantry and beaten-off a regiment of cavalry. Total casulties are 500US vs. 900CSA. We now have that Strategic town and its depot will be fired immediately. This should inconvience Price at Springfield who has dispatch cav and is gathering a division-sized force.

Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 3:10 am
by johnnycai
Early Nov '61

Ft. Smith, Ark.
My cav appears to be safe for now as winter has arrived and Price has arrived from Springfield. The cav will ordered to delay having retreat ROI. We have enought control in Englewood, IT should Price move. The Arkansas River is frozen so its likely the cav will be safe for now as no troops can sail from the Mississippi. The depot was destroyed and the supply is tenuous already as there is no local production.

The supply situation is bad, our investment has no return yet.
We march Sumner to Dallas as the weather is fair, dry. 3 regiments of regulars are resting in Dallas, a regiment from Ft. Smith will arrive and Sumner in 21 days, Sumner being inactive.

Lyon has earned a promotion upon reaching 2 in seniority.

Tennessee Raiders:
4th, 5th Ill are damaging rail and seeking to draw some attention in Hickman. They will move to Lawrence Tn.

At Bowling Green,
We should see some action as Wallace/Hunter will move on the town. Grant, supply and reinforcements will join them which will affect their arrival. Our 2 divisions should overcome whomever the CSA sends and perhaps Grant will get to lead the attack.