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[CSA President] CSA President AAR.

Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:54 pm

Greetings everybody.

Im happy having this excelent opportunity to play with a good group of people, and hope this extends in the future.

This is my first AAR, hope to do as best as posible.

As I m not really an expert in ACW nor in AARs, (just an addicted :nuts: wargamer) I ll try to write this to gamers, perhaps I will help some people telling my knowledge on how the game works, and hope to learn from you also.

So perhaps I will mix some strategy comments with the game reasons behind.

Perhaps this is not the exact purpose of the GC, but hope you can aid me if some "WRONG" comments get out of my keyboard...

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Tue Apr 29, 2008 3:17 pm

Ok lets start!
I am going to report this AAR “plain” as sure I´ll have not time enough during all the campaign. Here are all my little tricks showed, I can not hope no one use them against me later.

Recruitment comments:
Both CiCs Banks & Solo asked for a 1st turn all possible recruitment pattern, mainly for the western command. Mainly good (WS costly) troops were requested, pre made brigades mainly.

I wanted to do a more slow but efficient use of our resources. Perhaps 200 companies and 400$ extra could be achieved… But, of course, troops should start finish his training a few months later. I believe nearly 2 extra divisions are worth having a couple months delay.

However, I am going on a compromise between both ideas. I ll go a bit inflationary to help a bit 1st turn recruit, and wait just a bit to start recruiting on mass. My idea is raising a big enough army to avoid being overwhelmed too early.

As, in the long run, men are our more scarce resource, those will be my main doctrines this game.
1.- Better buy units size 1 than size 10 conscription.
2.- Try to hold NM as high and as long time as possible to allow an extra constant flow of recruits.
3.- Use draft options in the proper situation, in order to raise a bit extra troops.
So I don’t expect conscript problems for a while, really there are other limiting resources, as I am going to self-limit conscription wastes. By the end of 1862 or 1863 conscripts will start being a problem, but I hope not before.

War supply.
On the early months, I am going to spend resources on WS cheap troops, so mainly untrained men. The front line troops are going to be the starting ones, and new recruits should be used as reinforcements… By December a good part of them can have received training enough to be used as main troops.
Most of our initial War supply was to be invested in a good smuggler navy... but as CiCs request, I ll slow a bit building the navy…lets go step by step. These smugglers will add us money or war supplies according to the needs a bit later…

Industry will not be improved… a few months later we will review this.

Investing in Transport Assets is a very important concern. I will try to raise as much as possible this, once the first massive recruitment will be almost expended. AFTER historic attrition was selected, I m going to modify my original plan ... I will try to invest as much as I can transport, as move by RR is going to save lots of lives.

This is really our more problematic question in the initial stages of the war. We will be forced to raise inflation to achieve our objectives. Our future Navy will have a hard work to help bringing extra coins.

Just I will try money will not be our main problem by mid 62, just conscripts.

Leader comments.
The most important to us is raising 12 :siffle: ! extra corps commanders. Any leader can be useful, even my most admired Huger, somewhat disclaimed for main CiCs.

Don’t know why, but both of my friends believe just a few of them are to be needed. Perhaps they don’t believe in our army being big enough, or perhaps they believe USA is going to launch all out attacks against us… However I´m sure they´ve not lost the faith in final victory. Is it my wish to raise more divisions than the army expects, so many corps will be needed…I Hope they could see it once they get more troops than commandment available. We will see really the first results of this in Spring.

Fog of WAR
This is another important question I would like to achieve. Enemy Intel can see our troops, but we could try to hide them the real situation. Divisions and Cavalry superiority are the best weapon we have for achieving this.

Is it my wish to put in front of the enemy as much divisions as possible, even under powered. The enemy will have a time (and several battles) to evaluate real figures. I´ll prefer showing to the enemy spy network 3 divisions 8.000 men in size, than a couple divisions of 12.000 men. I believe it can help us a bit in delaying offensive actions, especially in the early months. It is going to be hard for me explaining this wish while roleplaying a bit.

I am trying to concentrate on smugglers. Most of the other riverine ships will be more useful on the Mississippi, and will be assigned to CiC command.

Military operations
I´ll let the CiCs do as they wish while possible.
I will send “concrete” orders as I could do...
But I want to “force” them to use as corp leaders even poor 2-0-0s, and be on the defensive. Still not sure why they don’t see the importance of promoting lots of 2*.
It will cost more to avoid my friends not to be too much bold…

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Fri May 02, 2008 9:27 am

Finally here you are initial 1st turn economic orders… 7 brand drafted divisions (somewhat low on heavy weapons and with extra cavalry) are starting to form (by the moment 1 skirmisher + 2 artillery + 2 cavalry), a couple extra skirmishers are for the starting troops yet deployed. On next week I will try to add around 8 foot battalions per division, around 8.000 men at all each.


That’s all folks

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Fri May 02, 2008 12:18 pm

Late July comments

Just before starting the war, very interesting questions start to arise. Every one of us has different approachs to the game,sure none of us have the true truth… (some one looong ago told change is the only truth).

We´ve been unlucky with our diplomatics in the foreign countries… -42 points in all! Sure the great powers behind are not going to support us in this wars, at least until laaate in the war if they wiil do. Chances of a -24 are perhaps around 15%, combined with another 15% of chances from USA option… Yes! A 2% in all... No Problem, we´ll just need to win by ourselves! “”” That makes me think of several threads reporting on too much luck or unluck in this. i.e. the random seed picked by the computer to the first die roll “conditions” next die, randomly of course, but perhaps in some cases both die rolls are too linked? ”””

We have had some success in the East front, while not so good in the East.

We have invaded Kentucky. Well, easy military wins, but not so good in the diplomatic. I proposed the generals for a more slow approach, wait for generals to lead the attack, and let a few chances KY came to us, but they did prefer to assault KY. So we must congratulate us as some ground is between us and the federals, but somewhat unhappy with leaving so quick to them Kentucky people hearts. Unfortunately, going this fast way we had no time to send the appropiate generals for earning his medals in those fights.

In the east we ve had a couple bad results, mainly our troops going back to Norfolk by river transport just near an enemy fort… Well did expect it, however.. Smith went force march thorough the mountains, did not arrived to grafton land, lost a lot of men, Well Perhaps Grafton can be occupied, but just hope these men do not all get killed. Hope those first backfires helps us to be not so bold in the long war we are going to have.

Lincoln stealed our properties just now. He did go fo a full mobilization (Yes it is of no use for them wait a bit as us), and some taxes extra. Our people got angered, and will join the army with a little more enthusiasm. NOW It s time to mobilize our army. Also, some extra money will came to us with taxes thanks a bit extra VPs were earned.

Also, perhaps our "printing" last turn could force a bit them to follow up.

Finally, my conclusion with the weekly results: I believe improving a lot our transport assets is going to save a lot more lives than several of our amazing brigades, so I m going to invest most of our resources in it for a while! We ve lost more than 5.000 men due to our bad transport capability. I ll try giving a lot of RR cap to our generals will avoid some of those unuseful loses.

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Wed May 07, 2008 10:52 am

Here are the economic orders. I hope some morale bonus can be achieved this month… I don’t know exactly what event has fired as 2 NM have been lost… Perhaps some one can tell me. I m not sure but KY can be 1 of those points, but the other lose is a mistery to me.

40 extra companies will be raised thanks waiting a turn. Also, some extra money is to be earned with taxes.

Unfortunately, money is out. Just the monthly earnings from now on.


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Thu May 08, 2008 7:33 pm

Early August result
Lucky turn I believe. Loudon hills have been captured without a single shoot. Jackson corps is now both supported and supporting Banks corps. We have now a very weak line, but at least on the defensive and with some trenches… And our heroic cavalry in Cairo has survived around 10 battles… I hope this regiment could be attached to some of our understrength brigades.

Unfortunately, blockade starts to be a reality. We are losing 10 WS a turn due to those pesky ships blockading Richmond. And Richmond is examined, and not properly defended by now.

I am determined to build as much brigs as I can, in order to (at least) show the enemy some force and avoid them blockading and getting more info than desired. Our reserve armies should be deployed in inner cities.

Smith division is finishing his supply as expected. Sending a supply wagon could be too risky… I ll wait what we can do.

Main recruitment is finished. As a yet commented mini bug, report of troops recruited is just 38, while around 60 units were raised.

We have still around 150 conscript points. I prefer to wait a couple turns to get some extra money, so more infantry could be recruited, and once conscript get exhausted perhaps more printing for more quality units.

As a comment, It is my fault I have done during the first 2 turns really too much micromanagement in Eastern CiC, while leaving Western at his own discretion. As an example, I believed militia in Rolla was to be wiped out, I wished (since first turn move) it to join Price Command, but just let it go as ordered. Happily it has survived Lyon attack.
As Jabber told in another thread, seems it is going to be a better game if really not cooperative, but I can understand its hard for the CiCs to get a good experience if they can not do anything but my ideas …

Unfortunately for him, East CiC has been carefully reviewed in order to prepare defense at my wish… Perhaps it has been a bad idea… Well… I m sitting in Richmond, just a few miles from our small main army… perhaps feel like the president could order a bit directly them in a quick RR visit… Once all of those reinforcements start moving, I m not going to review all of those moves…

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Sat May 17, 2008 9:48 pm

Production and Main Army composition for this turn. 263 foot battalions, 43 cavalry regiments and 73 artillery batteries… Of course main army is militia, but hope the winter gives us a few time to train those men.


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Sat May 17, 2008 9:51 pm

Late August comments

As expected, Money is totally exhausted. This has been even more hard due to those pesky blockading ships in Richmond.

Even brigs are starting to bring money instead of War supply.

As morale is still high (107), I will risk the last NM point we can afford to lose to allow print now some extra money.

Still 200 conscript companies available, I will use half of them in more cavalry, the extra War supply available will be mostly used in artillery.

Units available go raising. 270 foot battalions, 49 cavalry regiments and 73 artillery batteries. Also important, around 9 of the militia battalions get trained a bit.

---I expected 269, plus 5 from the new European Bde… Surely a few of the last turn 4 militia recruits were not raised, as money was lowered more than expected by blockade of Richmond… I believe that’s the reason 274 are not displayed.---


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Yep, thanks, thats good idea.

Thu May 22, 2008 5:24 pm

I tried some possibilities ( etc.) but with no success.
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Mon May 26, 2008 11:48 am

Early September 61

Last turn printing went ok… surplus money allowed our brigs bring 14 War supply home instead of money. Even blockaded, with the 49 produced, we are bringing 63 / turn so 126 WS a month. Just hope our small brig fleet on construction on the gulf (around 1 brig per turn) could start sailing the seas quickly. Once 5 or 6 extra brigs go in the seas, I hope these start bringing the much needed supply.

Finally, Jabber plans are clearly seen. He has put a couple spy ships to look into our main second line cities. Fortunately, orders for defense of these cities were done. At least, some units are deployed. An elite brigade is ready to land anywhere from Florida to Virginia, or going to the Florida forts. I suspected Banks feared 5th division is waiting / embarked to follow the first invasion; it should be a waste of time to disembark so near the main front in Fredericksburg. Surely just the division HQ went back to join new raised troops… It can be in Baltimore to add for Washington defense if needed. But perhaps he did send it to Salisbury… a quick place to launch his troops from.

Im asking myself if he is looking for landing on our ships in construction, in order to destroy (or capture) them, then ran away. In order to avoid (a bit) this, during these months I am constructing my little brig fleet only on the gulf, these are a lot more useful, as the area is just 10 days from the ocean, and also is far from his reinforcement areas. This is also another of the causes I ve asked to send a division towards Ft. Pickens.

Historical attrition is giving me some headaches, as I did have not tried ever that option in my own games. Mainly, brigs are starting to lose lots of men; in 5 turns 4 of my ships with 2 hits done (1 of them has 4!). And they are mainly in passive stance. Surely federal fleet is suffering the same problems.

No new troops this turn, just a couple brigs and 10 extra locomotives (to spend WS without using too much money). We can now allow a few regular replacements. I´ll wait to the last moment for volunteers, using bonds with the maximum Victory points possible, as money is our most limited resource now.

We´ve raised just 22 units, 1 ship, 9 artillery and 12 cavalry. Also, around 10 extra units came this turn (Laurel, 2 reaction cavalry -very pretty event- and 3 Watie Indians), and a unit was lost in Grafton… So Army final figures should mark around 30 extra units, but just around 18 extra displayed:
Last turn we had 382 and now 406 elements: 261 foot, 65 cavalry and 80 artillery units… Another rare thing happened on counts. 5 units went regulars this turn, but 14 militias have disappeared. Don’t know if some kind of mini bug here.

These militia trained into regulars should be immediately attached to our under strength brigades. Hope my two friends use them this way. I need more militia units to be “freed” so I can raise them once money can be available.

Several of our cities have achieved level 5 trenches, so they must split his artillery and be ordered from now on to fire on ships.

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Wed May 28, 2008 11:59 am

During these weeks my main orders will cost to be fulfilled, seem as if too much misunderstood.

Despite my main objectives proposed, our main defensive line proposal in the Eastern front is to be exchanged for a total concentration on Manassas.... Just Jackson corps can do the job; it can absorb all divisions in Virginia! We are abandoning Fredericksburg and getting back again our half division sized corps, just a week ago it seemed the key for victory, and used a lot of our Railroad transport. We are leaving Harper Ferry Depot (again without blowing it) and other positions with some independent leaderless brigade… Seem cannon fodder to me.

Again, single elements are not attached to regular or as militia brigades. I´ve ordered this as clearly as the war room can allow. I believe using single units was not well received… Those must be quickly brigaded and get into divisions and corps to the maximum effect. I´ve bought for a minimum 7 divisions, but just 3 or 4 of those are really being concentrated properly, all of them in the Western CiC, just were waiting for the few leaders appearing this turn.

And finally, coastal artillery on our main cities is not looking onto the sea, although I did ordered clearly. Even knowing an elite brigade is nearby.

I expect some kind of protest from Soloswolf, as he has not the adequate resources to do the required job, mainly transport assets if Banks wants to move all his army by railroad every turn.

I´m needed to design General Cooper as inspector general on coastal fortifications, to better coordinate with the fleet, and as supervisor on brigade orders of battle, to best plan reinforcements, and leave both CiCs just with all moves around.

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Thu May 29, 2008 5:52 pm

Banks is having a lot fun :niark: , although his brain (and troops) work faster than posible, and some of his work disruptsa bit me and soloswolf!

.... I m going to try to change something the flow of the game. :siffle:

It will be better for me to perform all that brigade attachments and the coastal artilleries, so they better use move troops.

Also, I ll prefer solo to do the orders first, asigning most of the rail and river assets, unless exceptions. However, Banks is very fast in doing his turn, he is expecting it even more than me :nuts:

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Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:44 pm

Early October 61

This turn some useful events have come help me... All these Jabber moves are starting to make my friends react again my plan. Well this is good. My plan is building up the army for a good 1862 start and resist as long as possible, hold VP high enough...

Seem my orders are difficult to be followed, iI have not the skill to tell properly.

I ve used Cooper to make some direct orders... until a few turns pass. Perhaps I must rotate Cooper into new kind of orders, once the very first are well accepted.

Cooper merged units from scrap, and click the bombard button. And hope USA landings and raids help us show the need of the generals, and over all … the usefulness of promoting these 2 divisions I asked for in the very beginning.

Also investing in a small fleet perhaps is going to show useful for them, now around 25 WS a month are starting to arrive by sea, and hope we can raise it a little more once brigs get constructed.

I am having a lot of fun trying to show the way I want to game, although is costing me some headache. Meanwhile Jabberwock goes on his personal crusade to solve the navy bugs on the game... and is using me&friends as cannon fodder, as did before on others (was it grandmaster Runyan?). Well all of us are getting fun!

I have been no capable of showing the importance of blowing captured (either ours or theirs) ENEMY DEPOTS, while protecting OURS, we have lost around 3 or 4 depots! I´ve asked a couple times my friends consider destroying some of the front depots, they are going to be captured quickly. Grafton should have been destroyed immediately. Stonewall must destroy the depot, his position (an all the army) is now very feeble… if USA wants to press. But we want to ATTACK with 3 brigades! Kentucky depot was nearly blowed with a cavalry, but some problem arise, I don’t know why, perhaps it was in passive posture?

I believe our cavalry (fast units) should be used as screens, raiders chasing and back, while our militias will do a better work merged into brigades and sent to the front on divisions. I wait for a while to see how this gets understood by my friends.

I´ll start building some brigades, now some WS has been stocked (due to not expending WS in a single land unit)… This is going to make happy my friends, seems they are somewhat lost in all this mare magnum of small 1 element troops…

Seems Jabber is going blockade/invade our main cities once his fleet gets powerful enough, but, in the meanwhile, he is going to harass our rivers with interdiction to avoid easy rear moves from our troops. Seems he did built lots of militias, and also some elite troops and a big navy.

He has started clearly an economic Build up, based on his transports... He has built all the TRNs in the roster! Oh how I desire to build all my brigs, but money is just exhausted… And while these transports start bringing thousand of coins and WS, he will build all his combat ships, that is going to be the start of the real problem and overflowing the game.

I need a couple extra NM events/success battles to allow for me some extra printing… I ll not let my NM drop under 106, well until USA starts kicking hard into our feeble armies…

So my mid- term objectives now:
1.- Wait until the last moment (3 turns left…, in the rosters 7 turns left are showed, a small mini-bug) to sell bonds & raise volunteers (hope VP can be raised a bit, and achieve the ULTRA needed money)… If today I sell bonds, 450 $ can be raised, but… hope get a bit more… perhaps 600?. If possible I´ll pay 1000$ for more volunteers.
2.- Get all those militias scattered in the map to the main armies. Beauregard is very, very weak now. Hope the enemy doesn’t calculate the real odds until next year.
3.- Achieve a couple divisions in reserve, and a fast corps in the Richmond area. I´ll send Jackson to Richmond, so he could give corps status to Lee, and get a reaction force with him... A lot troops are ready to go for Norfolk now.
4.- Get all our cavalry some screening capability. I will raise more cavalries as I get some extra cash.

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Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:25 am

A big delay but now hope to get some time to put my AAR on time.

This 7th turn has started with a big press on Richmond. 2 division sized troops are advancing on Richmond via Norfolk, Hampton Roads. Also, these big warships blockading the capitol have a lot of Guns to fire.

Also, Feds are trying to destroy Rail lines between the ANV & Richmond.

Banks does not need to use the corps at all. He loves divisions.... And BIG single corps... I am forcing to use them, just denying the big moves concentrating on Manasas. I believe I need to accelerate NOW the reaction corps I believe I ve asked somewhat without success in the West.

Division construction was left to the CiCs, I believe it was a mistake. Economic affairs are not controlled by me at 100%... This is going to have some backfire results...

I wanted to build some extra troops (a Virginian 7 size brigade) & 14 extra battalions, but, as money spent on the "1000$ volunteers" is not counted right, after the division payed just a 1 $ was left for next turn, so I need to cut 5 battalions 40 $ in all.


I am forced to ask for bonds now. I can not wait a turn more. Another 16 extra elements added. (so another full division, half of them cheap militia of course)

Tis is the EAST- Mainly Virginia army report now:
In all we have created now 6 divisions... These are now size (including the leader slot) 5, 5, 8, 10, 10 and 12. Add to this 3 corps without divisions sized 4 (new cavalry brigade sized Jackson corps going to join Richmond), 11 and 17 elements. Around 75 combat elements in all.

We have 30 Elements DISPERSED north of Richmond, 12 in the carolinas (a lot of these are artillery just ready for move now) and 17 more in garrison? on Richmond. I ve asked to use them into useful combat formations. Hope some of these can join now Jackson.... Those are nearly 60 elements! Add the new extra 16 elements I am buying now. 110.000 men in all.

Of those, just around 24 can be really artilleries, half of them still in back areas, we are somewhat short on them as no money still available.

Also, around 20 elements are in garrison various in the SC/Georgia, 18 in the Bragg division. Around 26.000 men can be prepared into 2 combat forces, with plenty of artillery.

Finally, still have 200 conscription companies for the next turns. Those are another 20.000 men, but no money for paying for their weapons....

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Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:24 pm


Should some audience still is waiting for these writings, sorry for the BIG delay boys…

Lets go for the turn RECRUITMENT matters:
As next turn draft options activate, no spending is done this turn. This turn 30 new units were added to the party.
26 of them were raised: 17 infantry battalions, 2 of them sharpshhoters and a Marine; 3 Artillery; 3 Cavalry; 3 brigs (those are the only 2 elements unit this round).
3 units have raised for free to help us . (2 cavalry and a ranger)
The last unit was a replacement expended in a Virginian brigade lost element.
33 elements in all.
Most of them were raised in the Eastern area, I believe I need to reinforce the Richmond defense.

Finally the enemy has call for volunteers, just 1 turn to the end of the time limit, a turn after we did call for them.

Economic matters
We have printed 3 times, for none of the enemy. And just now he is going for 8% bonds.
Ok lets go printing again. Inflation went down 1%, so we are going to finish the turn with a 19% inflation. As this is going to be our 4th printing, sure the enemy is making his math numbers now for printing also.

This month we have obtained 351.000 $ from printing, and we expect on next turn we can get around 370.000 $ more.

This money is to be used next turn (and the next ones) for
1.- Again Embargo on Cotton. This will hopefully raise our morale to the 105 level.
2.- Ask for more 1000$ volunteers ( hope again around 250 companies can come)
So I am not spending a single $ in new units until looking the picture on next turn, once the options (both financial and drafts) come back.

About mobilization… As it has a 4 morale hit, I ll wait a bit until confirming the 105 level is definitively lost. There are still a few events than raise a bit our morale, so let’s wait for them. Also, we will have a hard time paying for both the 1000$ fee & the training costs of the volunteers… so we have not money to pay for too much mobilized people.

Let´s do the big numbers about the 4 months played, as next turn options are activated again.

As we lost our 105 morale level AND our cities are at morale 94-96% due to various strategic cities been lost, our conscription has dropped 10 companies a turn. Hope part of these can be raised once our city loyalties go back to 100, or morale raises to 105.
In the other side, USA morale went over 95 so their conscription ratio is going to raise around 10 extra companies a turn. This is the worst situation possible in the long term.
This is due to making the 105 level too exact, losing 2 morale in a battle and my fear on an early assault on Richmond forcing me to volunteer & printing a bit earlier than really desired.

In exchange… we have achieved we have been able to raise 28 companies for the first 7 turns … and the most important, we got 140 companies extra with the delayed draft (40) and 1000$ volunteering (100)… Conscription numbers on first turn –max- OPTIONS are 623 & 141

659 (mobilization at morale level 111) + 255 (Volunteers at level 106) + 28 x6 (conscription while the city loyalty was 100%)+ 17 x2 (the last turns)

That makes for a total of 1.100 Companies. To these we must add the initial 175 starting companies (128.000 men).

COMMENT: In fact that’s only around 15.000 men more than going the all out OPTION on first turn, with the additional disadvantage of the delayed commitment… I believe this is important in the long term… around 10% extra troops…. At the cost of the delay. I feel this delay is just important in the very… very early turns, unimportant once a year has gone.

I´ ve tried to use most of these men into militia-style division units, to enhance even more this 10% extra raising.
I´ ve failed into explain the importance of QUICKLY forming these divisions, by sending those units to the front instead of being used into second line garrisons.
In fact, now, around 3 months after the main recruitment was finished, most of these divisions are not fully operational nor integrated into our main corps. Fortunately, seems now our army is starting to get some kind of form, and now most of the units are near the main armies.

War Supply:
We have obtained 49 War supply per turn from regular production for most of the war. That is with Richmond Blockaded. Some turns we have achieved a bit more (around 60+)… The value has been high thanks mainly to the 105 morale level. As now morale dropped to 104 the value is going to be reduced… So the navy is going to do the work morale cannot do.

Our brigs are now capable of adding 15 – 25 extra WS per turn (9$ and 15 WS this turn), and this is still going up, as 4 brigs are still in production in the gulf (we have now 11 elements in the boxes) . Once money enough can be stocked, our brigs will bring just WS instead of money, but for the initial months money has been even more scarce than WS. I expect around 30-35 WS a turn once these 4 ships can work (70 per month!)

If we can stop the federals this winter… with the regular production, that could be 170 WS a month. I ll need a lot of printing to pay for the troops we could raise with this.

The main idea is still achieving some extra surplus on WS with a bit more navy… But for now I´ll wait for the next months main recruitment affairs…

Money affairs:
As I can see… in the midterm the real problem with money is keeping National morale high. As it is my plan try to keep it at 105, that’s the real limit than avoids us printing without end.
Apart from the initial 350$ money, regular money input (65 / turn – 460 $ in all) and some extra money from the smugglers (perhaps 40 more), the main monetary earnings came from:
220 (Print) + 450 (Taxes) + 290 (Print) + 430 (Bonds) + 350 print … + 370 print next turn
That makes for a total of 2600 $, of those only 500 are regular + 1760 extra.
Counting a constant 15% inflation with all money spent… this means a maximum of 400 $ have been lost to inflation… this is of course a lot less as we are just now on a 15%. On average, we have achieved a minimum 20% more money than going “0” inflationary (no printing at all)

Of those (not counting on inflation):
255 $ -Pay for the extra 100 volunteers raised (1000$) (In fact 286$ inflation)
150$ - Pay for the 3 morale the embargo provides
130$ - 13 divisions built (we have now 11 deployed, 2 of them commanded by 2*, including our hero Bragg)
40$ - Locomotives (I must enhance a lot this next year)
700$ - Infantry (mostly militia… the bulk on this was paid without inflation recharge, as militia cost does not raises to 8 $ until 8%, due to rounding to the nearest math calculations)
300$ - cavalry (not exact on this cost as lots of free units)
200$ - navy
450$ - artillery
That makes an approximate total of 2250 $. The other 350 were lost to inflation.

Here is the comparison between the spending comparing the initial and the actual composition of forces. Im not counting killed troops, as those have been few to the moment.

10 -1 Elite INF
280 -37 Regular INF (nearly 30 of them are upgraded militia) (30x7 + 7 x10)
60 -10 Skirmishers
308 -44 Militia
COMMENT: Raising Regular infantry instead of Militia means 70 battalions instead of 92 would have been raised. Considering all matters (replacements, militia battalions are smaller, and so on…) around 18% extra troops with the same conscription points can be raised this way. BUT again, adding an extra delay to achieve full combat power. As another question, the cost on WS is null, and this is the initial most scarce resource.

35 -7 Raiders
336 -42 Cavalry (a lot of those came for free… thanks to the enemy cavalry than blowed our inner depots)

10 -5 Light Artillery
52 -26 Field Artillery
COMMENT: Most of those are cheap arty (again those will raise to full combat power with some delay)… some are horse arty. The combination of buying this cheap arty with the militia training allows an 89% EXTRA MONEY and a 192 % EXTRA WAR SUPPLY. The inflation cost on money (20% now, 40% expected in a few months) is too low…

And these extra resources went to upgrade our small navy
20 -10 extra Brigs have been raised (around 2 full production turns)
TOTAL -> 1111 conscription points

This is not an exact report, as some of these units were for free, mostly cavalry… but that is the idea. Add some extra support troops….(some divisions, the Tennessee HQ of course and extra troops such as those from Norfolk)
Few replacements have been bought, perhaps less than 150 conscriptions were spent on these… I am maintaining a single replacement point in most of the slots, because of the realistic Attrition option, and the winter coming into us now. Of course some men were lost in the various battles and attrition (around 15 elements in all, these are in addition to the numbers showed)… but not a lot in the big picture. The USA party is going to start now.

In all -> we have 170 new land elements. In all we have 431 land “elements”

If none went for garrisoning those are exactly 10 divisions… although those are mostly militia, low on arty (too expensive) and with extra cavalry (due to free elements).

Remember the initial July training pattern was for 7 “cheap” divisions (10 militia, 4 arty, 1 sharpshooter & 2 cavalry). 2 of the other 3 divisions have been raised with the last month volunteering.

On the 5th turn (Late September) we had 406 elements: 261 foot, 65 cavalry and 80 artillery units. Now, the situation is only a bit better…. 268 foot, 78 cavalry and 85 artillery due to the loses we have had.

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Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:50 pm

Some extra comments on War Supply.

As told before, total WS production has been arond 500 in all. (85 initial + 50 / turn + some extras)

As most of our army was built as a militia base these are the expenses:

Only 20 WS in Infantry has been spent.. This is the Key of the strategy
Infantry & militia (just 8 infantry, 1 elite, as 74 militias cost no WS) and Skirmishers (10)

84 in Cavalry (42 cav + 7 RGR.. well some of these were free)

93 in Artillery (26 12lb+ 5 Horse Arty... in fact some more we ve lost a few artys yet)

120 in Brigs

16 (HQ)

20 Railroads

Some extra for replacements (perhaps 40 points, as replacement arty is somewhat more expensive)

And the final remaining around 70 WS now.

So 30 % of the WS went to the Navy, 20 to % Artillery and another 20 % to Cavalry.

Going for militia instead of infantry seems an unimportant question, but, as I feel like WS is the most limiting factor in the 1st year of war... purchasing regulars instead could cost around 80 extra WS. That means 1/3rd of the previous Navy / AQrty / Cavalry could not be purchased.

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Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:45 am

Im trying to figure how to report the military situation from my point of view...

Unfortunately until now the troops were too scattered on both sides to figure some kind of "line-front"

I ll start with the WESTERN area (Tennesse - Kentucky)

Ufff Im having some problems with imageshack... Now I ve seen this program has somewhat changed...


Finally I ve achieved it. EDIT:Now changed from BMP to JPG to speed the loading.

Ok thats the situation here:

22.500 men in the main army. This is now a Brigade-based army versus some 25-30.000? men with Grant

13.000 men with Polk (Cavalry) and 10.000 men with Hardee (a standard division half militia / regulars) versus 15 - 20.000? men with Lyon and 10.000 men in Cairo

13.000 men in the 4 main garrison positions (Ft H&D, Island 10, Nashville & European bde)

Apart the army is not integrated into divisions, seems we are not in clear inferiority... Even I believe we have more troops than the enemy, they have 3 divisions here (3,6 & 8). Of course, around 10.000 men are militia-trained.

Other areas will come ahead.

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Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:21 pm

Far West

Note in Far West we have made several divisions but those are just brigade-sized (apar from Sibley, thats a full division).


The federals have a few units (around 5 single various elements) in northern Missouri, apart from St Louis garrison. But they have made no serious effort into advancing, for now. No match in all against our Sibley 11.000 men sized division, and various other elements (around 4.000 extra men).

A problem here was the Capture & blowing of our depot in Ft Smith (still in USA hands)... and seems this forced us to retreat Sibley Division from Springfield to Fayetteville around a month ago. We still have the superiority in the area, so unless a full division comes from the North we could fight for Springfield if needed.


In the Texas area, we have now deployed 4 main groups (one of them is in out of the map, Houston) all of them are 2500 sized commands. In Tucson there is a division (the 10th) and some regulars... perhaps 15-20.000? enemies can hit us hard here in Texas.

In seems we have even more troops than the enemy, perhaps they are hidden just in the north or simply is a secondary theater for the enemy.

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Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:18 pm

Gulf Garrison


Well this area is one of the most weak points in the general situation, if assaulted in force.

The problem is I have forced once and again to abandon most of the garrisons, and by now there are only some scattered single militias, appart from the standard fortified troops.

But, for the very initial moments I prefer to use those troops in the main front. I believe these militias are unuseful as single garrisons, if no reaction force is available, or if we have no artillery to use for shore bombardment.

As an important question, our main smuggler fleet is here deployed, there are 6 ships more in New Orleans & Mobile... (2 of them Ironclads) ... I ve constructed all our navy in the Gulf, as I feared the enemy could destroy our ships in the Atlantic ports (or capture them if lucky enough!)

Our only totally weak point now is Berwick, the "back door" of New Orleans, as there is no Artillery there, just a militia (Soloswolf has mantained here a garrison, somewhat against my desires, but this is a needed point, once an artillery can be available it should be sent here...). But I ve not specified never to quit this troop from here.

Apart from this, there are a few scattered single elements in the Baton Rouge & New Orelans areas.

However, after Bragg division took Fort Pickens, the situation is a lot better.
(it was created mainly with the initial troops deployed in Charleston, adding reinforcements). We have been very lucky than all the Artillery there was captured.

With this capture, the 10 days-trip-long Forts Jefferson & Zachary are the main base of operations for the enemy.

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Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:30 pm

Army of North Virginia

Well this is the situation. The main army is in Culpeper (25.000), with Bonham Corps and some other units (25.000) in Manasas, apart from some extra cavalry regiments.

As before... the army we can detect is nearly the same size as ours. Around 25 -30.000? men can be counted on the 2 main enemy areas (mainly 1st and 7th divs).

I can detect 10 enemy divisions in all the map, and sure several other are hiding back. 6 in the East, 3 in Kentucky, just 1 in Texas... it is clear we have a lot more risks here than in the other areas.

Just now, of the 3 divisions than started the week in Fredericksburg (these wiped out our Holmes corps), the 2nd has gone towards Ft Monroe, just 4th & 5th have disappeared towards Washington surely. So, there are around 25.000 men back in Washingtom, apart from the standard garrison the federals have decided to mantain.


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Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:03 pm

Railroad EAST - WEST

Well just the problem here is than the railroad is constantly being blowed.

Our brigade-sized division in Covington is just sitting here and seems enough for a while. Some troops have been sent from the Western area to defend this railroad properly.

I had to decide some time ago to risk our 2nd army HQ to run thorough this corridor with some enemy raiders, luckily enough it survived and had the time to create the AoT just on time...


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Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:24 pm

Richmond & Norfolk area

Here the situation seems also equilibrated. 35.000 men are garrisoning Richmond half of them out of the city. Lee is into the city, while Magruder is out.

Smith moves his 10.000 men to Suffolk. Lets pray he is lucky enough to earn his last pip for promotion. Around 5.000 more troops are near this area.

Around 25.000 extra troops are marching to the Richmond area from the Georgia/South & North Carolinas at railroad speed.

The enemy has 3 main stacks, 2 divisions (15.000? men each) and a big group (perhaps 6.000 men) in Suffolk.


Finally, around 3-4.000 men with a bit artillery are defending the main strategic cities in the coast.

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