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It would be cool if

Thu Feb 05, 2015 9:40 am

am disappointed that some decisions are unavailable that I think should be

1. The south should have the option to free their slaves for +50 foreign intervention bonus (since one reason they didnt want to intervene was the souths pro slavery stance)but a permanent 50% national moral hit.

2. Generals with stars 3 and above should be able to be killed or wounded in battle since it happened numerous times in the real war. Ex. Albert sydney johnston, general stonewall jackson, james longstreet, general reynolds, general sedgewick, general van dorn general jeb stuart. These losses of upper command did and should factor into national moral, the higher the star, the bigger percentage of nm hit. Ex 1 star =5% 2star=10% 3star=20% 4star =30%

3. The main campaign shouldnt be limited to 1865 it should go as late as 1868 in the event that france and britain intervene and begin to turn the tide of the war, and lower canada being on the map would make sense too since britain was most hesitant about having to protect canada from the u.s. in the event they came into the war.

4. The south did and should be able to raise black regiments. This ordinance should come at a permanent 25% national moral hit, due to the fear of armed slaves and the blow to white supremicist ideology that blacks were too primitive minded to be soldiers.
What do you think?

Other than those things, great game and i wish you continued success.

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I agree with your ideas but General Van Dorn was shot and killed by a doctor who accused him of carrying on an affair with his wife! So he wouldn't qualify! :-)

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