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Battle at first day - both sides defensiv

Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:31 am


Own Force: Fremont + HQ and three recently outsorced Divisions. I mean, I divested them in the planning phase from Fremont. All units had already been at Fort Smith region.
Enemy Force: Prices Division
No unit entered that region during the turn.
My force was to retreat under defensiv posture/avoid battle over the river north to Fort Smith.
Enemy force was also set to defensiv posture. Yet, a battle occured on the dirst day showing both forces been defensiv.
Military Control: 100% Confed (I am the Union player)

As far as I understand the rules (having been changed in some patch, so that the manual isn't up to date), a battle will automatically occur, if a unit ENTERS a region not under own military command if enemy troops are present which are not in a passive posture (which might avoid the battle to happen). This rule should not apply to forces already present in a region not under own command. Which worked during previous turns, where my force waited at Fort Smith under the same conditions. In fact, about a month earlier one of my divisions entered the region as a reinforcement - and no battle occured.

So anybody can tell my, what happened here? As you see in the screeny, no side flipped toward offensive posture. As I am not the host, I have to ask my pbem-player to forward me the files, if somebody wants to take a closer look.


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Wed Sep 25, 2013 4:34 am

I've never seen it. You should've switched to offensive if the region was 100% CSA control. Maybe it screws up when you have a HQ unit on defensive but it was one of the divested divisions that went offensive. The screen can't show the status of each stack, it only shows the status of the highest stack?

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