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Pontiac's War Scenario

Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:14 pm

If you don't want to wind up blowing a lot of time, don't start playing the Pontiac's War scenario. It's very addicting - especially if you, like myself, have spent a lot of time in western New York and Pennsylvania and are very familiar with the area.

I've played it about thirty times, got two major victories (the Indians negotiate a surrender) and a couple minor ones. Which is good feedback for solitaire gaming - not too easy, not too difficult.

I note the computer adds some tweaks to make every game a little different, such as weather, fort preparedness and the participation of pro-British Plains Indians and Iroquois. Sometimes they help you a lot, sometimes very little.

Some tips:

1. Henry Bouquet is your heavy hitter, Hopkins and Robert Rogers your guides. Keep Bouquet stacked with his Ladies From Hell and move him to strike into Ohio. Keep your guides moving constantly to where they are needed to speed up stacks, especially Bouquet's stack.

2. Four places must be held above all: Detroit, Ft. Pitt, Ft. Niagara, and Ft. Erie. Three British heavy infantry plus an artillery unit ought to suffice - when you get them. Try to build up Level 2 depots in Ft. Pitt, and Detroit when you can; these will refresh your depleted troops.

3. There's only so much you can do about raids on eastern Pennsylvania, but if you can use one British heavy that comes with Bouquet to garrison the Mill Creek Settlements in time, you can limit the damage. Anyway, you should be out to win by destroying Indian villages, not do a holding operation, so don't worry too badly about victory points. Send one provincial unit out to La Presentation to limit raids on Canada.

4. With your EP's, take Carlisle militia units first, supplies second, Cherokee raids and presents for the Iroquois third. Sometimes the Iroquois just aren't that grateful, as noted above. Later you will get peace initiatives; these will only succeed with strong play.

5. If the Indians do not capitulate early, you will need to launch a Ft. St. Charles expedition on Ohio bateaus in your last year. Try to get the Boatman unit that comes with Bradstreet's expedition to go along with them. See if you can build a depot at Shawnee in 1765 so Bouquet can start downriver early in 1766.

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